Buffalo Creek Software Engineering, Inc.

Our Mission

Buffalo Creek Software Engineering, Inc. (BCSEi) provides software development tools and custom software development services for small to mid-sized businesses. Since 1997 our mission has been to engineer top quality software products as a state-of-the-art development firm while maintaining a commitment to the community and the environment. BCSEi produces a source code generator for use with desktop, server, and web-based applications built using Microsoft« Visual Studio .NET to build data access layer components using object-relational mapping (ORM) techniques. Our software development consulting services and on-site ORM training are available in West Central and South Florida.

Revolutionary Products

In 2005, we began developing the methodology, framework, and software components to produce a code generation system that replaced the various 3rd party software packages, command scripts, and manual steps that we used to produce data access layer components for our customers. The conceptual basis for our ORM code generator was to automate this process and create a tool that encapsulated all we could in a single product offering. This code generator has been used extensively in "real world" applications and proven to be a great asset for BCSEi and our customers in automating part of the production of enterprise class applications. We are looking forward to improving and refining what is already a stellar software development tool as we release it to the public.

Real World Experience

We have been involved in many software development projects in various industries for over 20 years, using visual modeling tools, code generation, internet technologies, and object relational-mapping systems. Leveraging the power of modern software development technologies to provide consistent and predictable results; specifically in n-tier architectures with object-oriented programming languages and relational database management systems. Let us assure you that our products and web sites have been rigourously tested and perform exceptionally well.

Intellectual Capital

Our chief engineer and founder, Peter G. Kopchik, has been a professional in developing software applications since 1990 and has participated in rolling-out many leading edge and revolutionary technologies. We have enlisted several eminently qualified people to deliver a complete object-relational mapping system with our code generator products.
So it is without reservation, that we welcome you to our web site. If you use Microsoft® Visual Studio and Microsoft® SQL Server or Oracle® on your software development projects you will be compelled to take a look at our product offerings for your own work.

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