Consulting Services

Buffalo Creek Software Engineering, Inc. (BCSEi) provides a range of software development and consulting services to meet the needs of small to medium size businesses. Using a combination of proven technologies to bring our customers' projects to realization on the internet, corporate network, desktop, and mobile devices.

Relational Database Solutions

An integral part of any enterprise is the information that must be kept for operational and historical purposes. Whether consolidating disparate sources, building a data warehouse, or managing the entire business domain our skill and experience with relational database systems will answers these needs. Relational databases are ideal to support web sites or business applications for storing, searching, and retrieving data. The ability to easily produce business, statistical, and analytical reports are among the other major benefits of using relational databases.

Web Site Development

Internet and intranet web sites have been a major focus in our consulting business since inception. These are the tenants of cloud based systems; building customer facing web sites, back office management systems, and specialized applications that take advantage of the web. It may be deploying, updating, and maintaining an internet presence for our customers or a sofisticated enterprise class system.

Software Engineering

Custom software may represent the most effective way to tackle a specific aspect of a business's needs. Requirements often go beyond what can be purchased "off the shelf" and compromising with a solution that meets only part of the needs is often unacceptable. Providing customers with an accurate assessment and estimate of custom software development allows them to do the cost/benefit analysis and make an informed decision.

Project Management

Customers may use our services exclusively, out-source for other help, or use their own personnel to staff a project. We often work like a joint venture and offer using our expertise to help manage resources, assuring quality and completeness of the out come.