Web Site Development

Buffalo Creek Software Engineering, Inc. (BCSEi) provides a range of software development and consulting services to meet the needs of small to medium size businesses. Using a combination of proven technologies to bring our customers' projects to realization on the internet, corporate network, desktop, and mobile devices.

Internet and intranet web sites have been a major focus in our consulting business since inception. These are the tenants of cloud based systems; building customer facing web sites, back office management systems, and specialized applications that take advantage of the web. It may be deploying, updating, and maintaining an internet presence for our customers or a sofisticated enterprise class system.

Like any software development project it is an "iterative process" that may require many passes of producing an application that can be tested and reviewed before it is released for consumption. This "round-trip engineering" cycle goes on during the entire lifetime of a web site development project.


The ideas for such a project may come from "out of the blue" or as the result of many brainstorming sessions; software is such a nebulous thing and defining what it will do begins here with . A unique idea, a better mousetrap, a more streamlined model, a more competitive model ... whatever. If the idea is compelling enough, and there is the wherewithal to see it out, we engage the development team and kickoff a software development project.

Use Case Analysis

We take the conceptual ideas and capture the requirements for the software. Detailing what it must accomplish for the business or enterprise, who will use the system and what roles and interaction they will have with it. Defining what data must be captured and what are the expected outputs are. These are the first steps in formalizing the business model into terms the development team can understand.

Specification, Design, and Construction

Engineering software is part of the same process, however this is where we separate what the software must do from how it is going to do it. See Software Engineering.

Quality Assurance

Each round of building and testing the system results in feedback from QA that addresses the problems they have identified. These errors, omissions, and functional deficiencies are reported to each of the parties responsible for correcting them. QA will track all of the issues and verify the resolution in subsequent versions of the build.


Once perfected or at least sufficiently corrected the software system is ready to be deployed / released. Depending on the nature of the project this may be a web site going live, a package of programs and documentation, or an installaltion program that runs from a CD, DVD, or a downloaded file. This may mean creating "shrink wrapped" packages or files for downloading online containing the necessary installation components and instructions. A proprietary or internal system would have methods defined for the installation or roll-out of each software release.

The Six Boxes
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